Hario Skerton+ Coffee Grinder


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The Hario Skerton+ Ceramic Coffee Grinder is durable and easy to use, making it a faithful coffee companion for years to come. The grinder’s conical ceramic burrs are designed to remain sharp and rust-free, producing uniform grounds at a variety of grind size settings – from moka pot to french press. This makes for powerful precise brewing and even extraction, the keys to making excellent coffee.With a grind size adjustment ring that’s easy to lock in place, as well as an anti-slip silicone base on the bottom chamber, the Skerton+ helps you achieve better stability and thus a uniform grind when making coffee. The bottom chamber has a capacity of 100g (larger than most hand grinders of a similar size) and is dishwasher-safe, making cleaning up a no-fuss affair.Dimensions: Height 23cm; Width 17cm; Depth 9.5cm 100g CapacityMaterials: Borosilicate Glass Ceramic BurrsAdditional Info: Dishwasher Safe


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