Urnex Rinza Milk Frother Cleaner 1.1lt


Urnez Rinza Milk Cleaning Solution

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Urnex Rinza Milk System cleaner is specifically designed for use on the milk systems of coffee machines and espresso machines including automatic milk frothers and manual steam wands.

Urnex Rinza cleaning solution works by breaking down the milk protein, removing fats and other residues.

Urnex Rinza is perfect for maintaining the quality of coffee from automatic and manual coffee machines.

Product features:

  • Capacity 1.1 Ltr
  • Weight 1.07kg
  • Contact Time: 3-5 Minutes
  • 33 doses per Bottle:
  • Breaks down milk protein, fat and calcium build-up
  • Cycles through auto-frothers for easy cleaning
  • Cleans milk lines of auto-frothers and traditional steam wands
  • 1:10 light soiling dilution ratio, use neat for heavy soiling
  • Food safe
  • Built-in measuring device for accurate dosing
  • Suitable for use with most commercial coffee or espresso machines
  • Irritant – handle with care

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Weight1 kg


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