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Cafflano Kompact Coffee Maker - Red



The Cafflano Kompact is the easy way to make delicious coffee and cold brew. The collapsible silicone bellows applies pressure to the coffee beans extracting the full rich flavour of the coffee. There is no need for paper filters as the Cafflano Kompact comes with an etched stainless micro filter. Brewing coffee is simple, add freshly ground coffee and filtered water, screw the cap back on and leave to brew for a few minutes. Once ready, push or squeeze the Cafflano Kompact to express the coffee directly into a cup of your choice. The Cafflano Kompact collapses to a handy 61mm and comes with as handy pouch perfect for travelling. 

The Cafflano Kompact includes:

  • 270ml drip pouring kettle
  • Ceramic conical burr grinder
  • Etched stainless steel filter dripper
  • Dual-wall insulated cup

Packaging Dimensions:
Height 135mm x width 135mm x depth 90mm
Weight 420g

Product Dimensions:

  • Height: 
    • Folded: 61mm
    • Unfolded 122mm
  • Weight 242g
  • Capacity 220ml

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