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BaristaKit Stainless Steel Replacement Mesh Filter - Aerobie Aeropress TwinPack


Replacement Filters

Barista Kit Replacement Stainless Steel Mesh Filter for the Aerobie AeroPress® Coffee Maker - Twin Pack

The Barista Kit Mesh Filter is designed to give you the best results from your AeroPress Coffee Maker. Washable and long lasting the Barista Kit Mesh Filter allows the oils from the coffee through while retaining the grounds for a richer brew.

Created to fit the brew basket precisely the Barista Kit Mesh Filter is a great investment for your AeroPress® Coffee Maker. Made from fine mesh, only .43mm thick and 60mm wide, it's spot welded on both sides so the filter should give many years of service.

Simply rinse the Barista Kit Mesh Filter under running water to clean.

Contains 2 Stainless Steel Filters


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